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Side tables are versatile and functional elements that add a touch of style and practicality to any space. Their compact design and varied shapes allow them to easily adapt to different environments and needs. From the living room to the bedroom, including commercial or work spaces, these tables are indispensable allies.


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  • NELSON SIDE TABLE. Find it on MisterWils. More than 4000sqm of showroom and warehouse.


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  • BELLADONA WOODEN SIDE TABLE Industrial style, made of steel and tropical wood. Find it on MisterWils. More than 4000sqm of showroom and warehouse. front


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Their diversity in materials and styles is remarkable. They range from classic solid wood ones, which provide warmth and elegance, to modern metal and glass ones, with minimalist lines that add a contemporary touch. In addition, there are folding, stackable or wheeled models, ideal for small or multifunctional environments.

The functionality of these tables is their great virtue. Beyond being simple decorative complements, their versatility allows multiple uses: from serving as a support for lamps, photo frames or plants, to becoming practical coffee tables or even functioning as additional seating at impromptu events.

In the commercial field, side tables become strategic tools for displaying products, whether in clothing stores, bookstores or coffee shops. Their ability to enhance and organize items makes them indispensable in merchandise presentation, enhancing the customer experience and providing an attractive visual appearance.

Side tables are not only decorative furniture, but versatile elements that adapt to the needs and styles of each individual. Their presence is essential both in home decoration and in commercial environments, providing functionality, style and a personalized touch that enriches any space where they are located.

Side Tables at MisterWils, different shapes and heights

At MisterWils, known for our great selection of furniture, we have a collection of side tables that defy conventional limits. Its variety in shapes and heights widens the spectrum of possibilities for those who are looking for unique and functional elements in their spaces.

From classic and timeless round tables to square or rectangular, each shape offers a distinctive character that adapts to different styles and design needs. Our selection embraces diversity and allows creativity to flow by featuring tables with soft corners, geometric edges or curved lines, providing a range of options to suit diverse tastes.

Height also plays a crucial role in the versatility of these side tables. The MisterWils collection offers tables of different heights, from conventional to low to high, allowing a harmonious and functional interaction between them. This variety in heights provides an extra dimension to the decoration, facilitating its use in different environments and purposes.

The meticulous selection of materials is a hallmark of MisterWils. Solid wood, metal and other quality materials are expertly combined to create durable and aesthetically striking pieces. Attention to detail in finishes, colors and textures ensures excellence in each side table, making them pieces of the highest quality.

These MisterWils side tables transcend the ordinary, offering an amalgam of shapes and heights that spark the imagination and allow for exceptional customization in decoration. They are more than just furniture; they are expressions of style, functionality and sophistication that enrich and transform any space in which they are integrated, reflecting the brand’s passion for design and craftsmanship excellence.

Tips for choosing side tables

When choosing side tables, it is crucial to consider their purpose and how they will integrate into the space. First, assess the dimensions available: make sure they fit proportionally to the area and allow for unobstructed movement. Think about the functionality you’re looking for: do you need additional storage or just temporary support? Tables with shelves or drawers can be useful.

Choose a style consistent with existing décor to maintain visual harmony. Contrast or complement textures and colors to create an interesting focal point. Consider versatility: stackable or rolling tables are ideal for dynamic spaces. Quality materials are essential to ensure durability; opt for solid wood, sturdy metal or high-quality materials that suit your needs and lifestyle.

Finally, don’t underestimate the power of personality. Side tables can be conversation pieces, so choose a piece that speaks to your personal style and taste. By following these tips, you’ll be able to select side tables that not only beautify your space, but also add functionality and convenience to your everyday.

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