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Chairs are an indispensable element on your living room, and they need to be confortable, have a great design and made on the best materials. MisterWils offers a wide variety of chairs mixing the industrial, vintage and nordic styles. We also have chairs specially designed for bars and restaurants, for indoors or outdoors, and even stackable chairs. Special conditions for professionals.


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In hospitality, chairs are crucial elements in defining the customer experience in restaurants, bars and hotels. Choosing comfortable and aesthetically pleasing chairs not only contributes to the comfort of visitors, but also adds a distinctive touch to the space. In restaurants, for example, chairs should not only be functional, but also ergonomic, providing comfort during long dining sessions. The design of hospitality chairs can range from classic to contemporary, adapting to the theme and image the establishment wishes to project.

Durability and ease of maintenance are essential considerations in the choice of hospitality chairs, where constant customer traffic and wear and tear are factors to be taken into account. The resistance of the materials and the quality of the manufacture become, therefore, priority aspects to guarantee the longevity of the chairs in this demanding environment.

Different styles of chairs at MisterWils

At MisterWils, recognized for our commitment to design and quality, we offer an extraordinary variety of chairs that embrace a diversity of styles, satisfying the most demanding tastes and specific needs of each client. Our range spans from classic pieces with a timeless touch to contemporary creations that challenge the boundaries of conventional design.

On the classic spectrum, MisterWils offers elegant and refined chairs that pay homage to tradition and craftsmanship. These pieces, made with noble materials such as solid wood and high quality upholstery, evoke the sophistication and charm of bygone eras. Meticulous details and finishes enhance the classic aesthetics of these chairs, creating pieces that blend perfectly into traditional and timeless environments.

On the other hand, MisterWils’ contemporary collection dazzles with innovative and avant-garde proposals. Chairs with clean lines, geometric structures and modern materials combine to create pieces that stand out for their originality and boldness. The color palette expands, incorporating vibrant hues and metallic finishes, adding a touch of modernity and freshness to the most modern spaces.

The diversity of styles in MisterWils chairs also extends to thematic inspirations, from minimalist Nordic designs to pieces that capture the essence of industrial style, offering a wide range of options to suit any decorative preference. Attention to detail and commitment to functionality remain hallmarks of the brand, ensuring that each chair is not only an expression of style, but also a practical and durable choice for the discerning user.

The selection of different chair styles at MisterWils not only reflects the brand’s versatility, but also invites design lovers to explore a range of options that fuse tradition with modernity, elevating the concept of seating to an expressive and functional art form.

How to choose chairs at MisterWils

When exploring the diversified MisterWils catalog, it is essential to consider several elements to ensure that your choice aligns perfectly with your aesthetic preferences and practical needs.

First, it is crucial to consider the desired style of the space. MisterWils offers a wide range of styles, from classic to contemporary to themed options such as Nordic and industrial. Clearly identifying the style allows you to narrow down the choices and focus on those chairs that integrate harmoniously with the overall aesthetics of the environment.

Another key aspect to consider is the intended use of the chairs – will they be part of a formal dining room or a hospitality business? MisterWils’ various lines of chairs are designed to meet a variety of functional needs, from comfortable dining chairs to elegant hospitality business options. Evaluating the expected function of the chairs will help select those that are best suited to the desired purpose.

The choice of materials and finishes is also an essential component in the selection process. At MisterWils we offer chairs with a variety of materials, such as wood, metal, natural fibers and high quality upholstery. The durability, ease of maintenance and the aesthetic appearance of these materials must be considered depending on the environment in which the chairs will be used.

Finally, comfort should not go unnoticed. At MisterWils we pride ourselves on offering chairs that are not only visually appealing, but also ergonomic and comfortable. Evaluating the height of the backrest, the shape of the seat and other elements related to comfort ensures that the selected chairs are not only aesthetically pleasing, but also functional for daily use.

Choosing chairs at MisterWils involves a thoughtful process that encompasses style, function, materials and comfort. The variety of carefully selected options gives the customer the opportunity to find chairs that not only suit their practical needs, but also reflect their personal style and enhance the aesthetics of their space.

How to maintain your chairs

Keeping your chairs in top condition is essential to prolonging their useful life and preserving their aesthetic appeal. A proper care regimen not only contributes to the durability of the chairs, but also ensures a comfortable and safe experience for those who use them. First, it is important to perform regular cleaning using methods and products specific to the type of chair material. For wooden chairs, a soft, damp cloth can remove dust and light stains, while for upholstered chairs, regular vacuuming and treating stains immediately is crucial. Metal chairs may benefit from cleaning with a damp cloth and occasionally a metal-specific cleaner.

Protecting chairs from exposure to direct sunlight and extreme weather conditions is another key aspect of maintenance. Sunlight can cause discoloration on materials such as wood and upholstery, while rain and humidity can adversely affect outdoor chairs. Using protective covers or storing chairs indoors for extended periods of non-use helps preserve their original appearance.

Finally, following the manufacturer’s recommendations for specific chair care is crucial. These may include specific cleaning guidelines, recommended products and suggestions for preventive maintenance. Overall, dedicating a little time and effort to proper care ensures that your chairs will remain in top condition, adding aesthetic and functional value to your space for many years to come.

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