Tables are the centerpiece of any home’s life, and that’s why MisterWils offers a great variety of tables mixing styles and materials like steel or wood: it’s up to you to decide which table will fit on your dining room, on the living room or in the kitchen. We are manufacturers, and nearly all of our tables can be customised on size, colors and topcoats. Several models are specially designed for bars and restaurants. Special conditions for professionals.


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The variety in design is endless: from clean, modern lines to elegant, traditional curves. Solid wood tables provide warmth and durability, while glass tables bring a sense of lightness and modernity. Extendable tables adapt to different needs, while side tables add functionality and style to any corner. Whether for work, dining, conversation or simply adorning a space, tables are much more than furniture; they are expressions of personality and taste.

In a furniture store, the variety of materials, sizes and styles offers customers the opportunity to find the perfect table to suit their preferences and needs. Meticulous design details, quality materials and impeccable craftsmanship become hallmarks that define the excellence of each table.

Tables not only provide functionality, but also serve as statement pieces that complement the aesthetics of a home. Displaying a table in a furniture store showcases much more than an object; it presents a possibility, a potential to transform a space and enrich everyday life. Ultimately, every table in a furniture store is an invitation to create, to personalize and to bring spaces to life, offering customers the opportunity to find the furniture that not only meets their practical needs, but also elevates the style and elegance of their home.

Tables at MisterWils, different shapes and heights

At MisterWils, tables stand as versatile pieces, offering a diverse range of shapes and heights that awaken creativity in home decoration. From low coffee tables that invite closeness and comfort in the living room to high tables that lend a contemporary flair in larger spaces, each piece becomes a canvas for personal expression.

The MisterWils table collection is a symphony of styles and designs. Round tables, with their timeless elegance, encourage interaction and natural flow in any setting. Square tables add a touch of modern geometry, ideal for spaces with defined, structured lines. In addition, rectangular tables offer practicality and functionality without sacrificing style, perfect for dining rooms or work areas.

The diversity in table heights at MisterWils is wide. From low tables that blend in with the surroundings, creating intimate and cozy atmospheres, to high tables that elevate the perspective, generating dynamism and verticality in a space, each height offers a unique experience.

Quality craftsmanship and attention to detail are key features of every MisterWils table. Carefully selected materials, from natural woods to sturdy metals, are combined with exceptional finishes to create pieces that are not only functional, but also aesthetically stunning.

Tips for choosing tables

When it comes to choosing tables at MisterWils, the diversity of options becomes an invitation to find the perfect piece that complements and elevates your home space. To begin, consider the purpose of the table: will it be the centerpiece for family gatherings, a focal point in the living room or a functional addition to a specific corner? The function it will serve will determine the size, shape and style that best suits your needs.

Visual harmony is key. Look at the aesthetics of your home and find a table that integrates effortlessly into your current decor. The tables at MisterWils range from contemporary designs to more traditional styles, ensuring you find one that aligns with your personal taste and the overall aesthetic of your home.

Don’t underestimate the importance of materials. From hardwoods to polished metals, each material brings its unique character to the table. Consider the durability, maintenance and aesthetic impact you want to achieve when choosing from the various options available at MisterWils.

Versatility is a plus. If you are looking to maximize the use of the table, consider multifunctional or extendable options that adapt to different situations and needs. MisterWils versatile tables offer that flexibility, making them ideal for adapting to your evolving requirements and spaces.

The balance between functionality and style is fundamental. A table can be beautiful, but if it doesn’t meet your practical needs, it may not be the right choice. Analyze the space available, the use you will make of it and the comfort it offers.

Ultimately, when choosing a table at MisterWils, try to find a piece that is not only aesthetically appealing, but also fits perfectly with your lifestyle and daily needs, offering a perfect combination of form and function to beautify and enhance your home.

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