Dressers are very practical pieces of furniture, that allow us to store everything we need to set up our tables. Their shape and structure make then the ideal piece to decorate every corner of your home like halls, kitchens or living rooms. If you are looking to buy a dresser, in MisterWils we offer a wide range of dressers with lots of style and personality. Some of these models can be customised in color, size and topcoat.


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In general, the use of dressers in the home is widespread, not only for their functionality, but also for their decorative potential.

These versatile pieces of furniture have become almost indispensable in interior decoration as they bring a touch of style and character to any space.

A dresser is not only a piece of furniture for storage. It is an element that can mark the personality of a dining room, a hall or a living room.

How to choose the ideal dresser for your space?

When choosing dressers for your home or business, you should consider a number of important factors, such as available space, perhaps the most important. While large vintage dressers may be attractive, if your space is limited, a small or medium sized dresser may be the perfect choice.

Another factor to consider is the style of the dresser. There is a wide variety of references in our design catalog, from rustic style wooden dressers to industrial style dressers, where wood and metal blend together to create a wonderful dresser. The choice will depend on your personal taste and the style of decoration you have chosen for your home.

The color of the dresser is also a very important factor to take into account. Because of its location and size, it is a piece of furniture that conditions the rest of the composition. Keeping harmony with the rest of the elements is essential, as it will set the tone that the furniture and decoration should follow. Although if you are looking for a guaranteed success, we recommend choosing natural materials and colors.

Dressers and storage: A perfect balance that is indispensable in your home.

One of the main reasons to have a dresser at home stems from its storage capacity. Basically, dressers with drawers are ideal for storing table linens, silverware, dishes and other dining utensils. However, dressers can also be used to store books, photographs, or small decorative sculptures.
In addition, dressers with glass doors can allow you to display those special objects or decorative items. Known as showcase dressers, they are a perfect choice for those who want to combine storage with display.

Dressers to match the decor of your space

Adding a dresser to the decor of your space allows you to transform it quickly and effectively. Depending on its location, it will adapt to different uses and functions. Placed in the dining room or in the lounge of a restaurant, it can serve as a buffet, facilitating the tasks of storage and storage of the necessary kitchenware. It will be of great help in family gatherings or with friends. It can also be the perfect place to place on its shelves other decorative elements such as lamps, vases with flowers or your favorite photographs.

In the living room, a sideboard can be an excellent place to place larger items. Depending on its layout, you can include anything from a central TV to smaller pieces such as sculptures, books or candles. In addition, thanks to the drawers, you can keep stored those items that should not be in sight.

Although less used, sideboards are also a great option for the foyer. Including small sideboards in the decoration will cover a large surface to which we can add a main mirror. Also, its drawers will allow us to store keys and small objects.

In conclusion, dressers are a versatile and functional option for any home. Whether you need extra storage space, a piece of furniture to highlight your personal style or simply a decorative piece to enhance the beauty of your home. This furniture is a durable and stylish investment that will add value to your space for many years to come.


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