Decorating a small terrace can be a challenge, but with the right tricks, you can turn it into a charming and functional space. A vertical garden not only adds greenery, but also maximizes space. Spot lighting highlights key areas and creates cozy ambiance. Opt for must-have furniture, such as folding tables or stackable chairs, to make the most of the available space. Also, don’t underestimate the power of a decorative touch, such as colorful cushions or a vibrant rug, to add personality. With these tips, your small terrace will be transformed into an oasis of style and comfort.

1. Decorate a small terrace with plants as the main protagonist.

Plants, with their natural beauty and ability to transform any space, are ideal allies for decorating small terraces and creating fresh environments. In addition to their aesthetic appeal, plants offer health and wellness benefits, improving air quality and reducing stress. To beautify a medium or small terrace, it is crucial to select species that adapt to the outdoor environment and require little maintenance.

detalle de lámpara con forma geométrica

Among the five most common plants for this purpose are:

  • Succulents, known for their resistance and variety of shapes and colors.
  • Ferns, ideal for shady and humid spaces, adding a touch of freshness.
  • Geraniums, vibrant flowers that brighten up any corner with their spectacular blooms.
  • Cactus, excellent for sunny terraces and needing little watering.
  • Lavender, with its relaxing aroma and resistance to drought, perfect for adding an aromatic and colorful touch.

In the case of small terraces, creativity plays a fundamental role in the design of the green space. A smart and aesthetically appealing option is to opt for a vertical garden. This approach makes the most of the available vertical space, allowing a variety of plants to grow without taking up too much floor space. A popular way to create a vertical garden is by using recycled shelving or pallets.

The shelves provide a solid structure for placing pots on different levels, creating a staggered effect that adds visual depth to the space. On the other hand, pallets can be easily transformed into vertical planters, allowing pots to be hung in each of their compartments and placed strategically on the wall.

renovación de lámparas de techo en una cocina

This approach is not only practical but also versatile, as it provides the opportunity to play with the arrangement of plants and create unique compositions. In addition, by elevating the plants, it promotes better air circulation around them, which favors their growth and development. On a small terrace, a vertical garden is not only a functional solution, but also a charming way to integrate nature into the limited space.

For this we have the Altri shelf, made of mango wood and metal structure. This shelf has wheels, which makes it very comfortable, to move it inside the house when it rains or on days of extreme heat, so neither your plants nor the wood of the shelf, will suffer with the extreme weather.


Altry wood and metal cart, industrial style.
Steel structure with wheels, with weathered finish.
Shelf in mango wood with saw-cut finish.
Measurements: 90x46x105 cm

262,00 without VAT

317.02€ ( incl. VAT )

Decorating small terraces with a vertical garden is an ingenious and aesthetically appealing option. By taking advantage of vertical space with shelves or recycled pallets, you create a green oasis that beautifies the environment and provides both aesthetic and functional benefits.

detalle de lámpara con forma geométrica

2. Lighting, a must have for decorating small terraces.

When decorating a small terrace, lighting plays a key role in creating an enchanting and cozy atmosphere. Different types of lighting can completely transform the space, highlighting its features and adding a touch of magic during the evenings. From soft, warm lights to colorful LED lights, the options are varied and adaptable to any style and size of terrace.

Pendant or garland lights add a special charm, creating an intimate and romantic ambiance. On the other hand, recessed lights in the floor or on the walls can enhance the architectural and landscape details of the terrace. In addition, candles and torches are excellent options to add a touch of warmth and create a relaxing atmosphere.

Functionality is key to making the most of the available space. If you are looking to create a cozy reading corner, wall sconces or floor lamps provide a soft, directed light perfect for immersing yourself in a good book. On the other hand, for a terrace with a more fun and dynamic atmosphere, you can opt for different sizes of hanging lamps or lanterns that add a playful and festive touch to the space.

renovación de lámparas de techo en una cocina

Lamps like the Tamok, will serve the second purpose. Made of natural rope and available in two colors.


Ceiling lamp made of natural cord.
Size: Ø37xH37 cm | Cable length: 120 cm
E27 socket.

35,00 without VAT

42.35€ ( incl. VAT )

These options not only beautify the environment, but also make it more livable and enjoyable both day and night. By choosing the right lighting, a small terrace can become a magical and enchanting space, perfect for enjoying unforgettable moments outdoors.

3. What furniture is indispensable when decorating our mini-terrace?

When decorating a small terrace, choosing the right furniture is critical to transforming it into a livable and inviting space. Despite the small size, there are numerous furniture options that can maximize the use of space without compromising comfort or style. From folding furniture sets to multifunctional pieces, versatility is key to adapting to individual needs and tastes.

detalle de lámpara con forma geométrica

Rattan or artificial wicker furniture are excellent choices for small terraces, as they add a touch of warmth and naturalness without taking up too much space visually. Folding tables and chairs are ideal for optimizing space when not in use, while benches with integrated storage offer a practical solution for organizing cushions, blankets or other accessories.

On rattan furniture we can give options that will be perfect for your terrace, for example the Aluton chair, with tubular aluminum structure with bamboo imitation finish, the seat in synthetic rattan grating cannage type, a Bistrot style chair perfect for your small terrace, as it is stackable.


Synthetic rattan chair, Bistro style.
Tubular aluminium frame with bamboo effect finishing.
Seat made of synthetic rattan grid.
Suitable for outdoors. 
Stackable (up until 8 units)
Size: 50x51x91 cm | Seat height: 45,5 cm

89,00 without VAT

107.69€ ( incl. VAT )

Another chair that can be an aesthetic delight on your terrace is the Bistro style chair, also Bistrot, Marianela. The two-tone pattern design on both the seat and backrest does not go unnoticed. With its tubular aluminum structure and bamboo imitation finish, it is ideal for decorating small terraces.


Marianela outdoor chair Bistro style.
Tubular aluminium frame with bamboo effect finishing.
Seat and backrest in synthetic rattan pith.
Suitable for outdoors. Stackable.
Measurements: 47x53x87 cm | Seat height: 45 cm

99,00 without VAT

From 119.79€ ( incl. VAT )

To accompany and finish creating a space to enjoy a snack can not miss a table, and for this we have the Kalak table, a table that goes fantastically well with the chairs we have chosen to decorate your small terrace. It is a table made of aluminum with bamboo imitation finish and synthetic rattan pith.


Kalak outdoor table, Bistrot style.
Kalak frame made of aluminum with bamboo imitation finish and synthetic rattan pith.
Dalson teak wood top.
– Ø70×75 cm
– Ø80×75 cm

241,00276,00 without VAT

From 291.61€ ( incl. VAT )

We have more options, depending on the functionality you want to give to your terrace. For example, if you are looking for a place to relax, enjoy a refreshing iced tea, and read a good book, the best are the “lounge” type chairs, like the Talisssa, with the structure made of aluminum and finished in imitation wood, the seat and backrest in synthetic rattan pith.


‘Lounge’ chair nordic style with aluminium frame finished in imitation wood. With seat and backrest made in synthetic rattan.
Measurements: 59x73x80 cm | Seat height: 39 cm

229,00 without VAT

277.09€ ( incl. VAT )

Choosing the right furniture is essential to turn a small terrace into a cozy and functional space. Opting for rattan or artificial wicker furniture, such as the Aluton chair or the Marianela chair, adds warmth and style without taking up too much space visually. Also, a great option, if you are looking for a space to relax and sunbathe, is the Talissa chair. This furniture not only offers comfort, but also practicality, with features such as stackability. In short, by selecting versatile and aesthetically pleasing furniture, you create an attractive and comfortable environment on the terrace, perfect for relaxing and enjoying the outdoors.

4. The decorative touch that a small terrace needs.

After seeing what furniture we can put on our terrace, it is time for decorative elements. In this case, as we have planned a vertical garden, the decoration on the walls may have to be scarce, so we can focus more on textiles, of course, if you want to keep them well, when it rains you have to pick them up and store them inside the house.

renovación de lámparas de techo en una cocina

Carpets woven with natural fibers have been very fashionable, and still are, in this sense it is a sure bet to decorate small terraces.

The textiles for chairs or armchairs, with colorful, that brighten up the view as soon as we go out to our terrace. Currently there are brands like ZARA HOME, which has a wide variety of cushions, remember that to keep them well, you must preserve them from moisture and rain, as well as long hours in the sun.

Another good option to decorate your terrace, are ceramic pots and vases. Ceramics is very fashionable, it is booming again, and there are many artisans who have decided to continue with this ancient skill, and modernize the shapes and colors. This is the case of the following firms, Mari Masot or CUIT. On instagram you can find many more firms and artisans, if you search with the hashtag: #contemporaryceramics, #ceramics or #handmadeceramics.

renovación de lámparas de techo en una cocina

The art of decorating small terraces

Decorating a small terrace may seem like a challenge, but with the right combination of decorative tricks and elements, it is possible to transform it into a charming and functional space. From a vertical garden to strategic lighting, essential furniture and decorative touches, every detail counts to make the most of the space and add personality. Plants are indispensable allies, not only for their beauty, but also for their health benefits. With creativity and attention to detail, a small terrace becomes an oasis of style and comfort, perfect for enjoying unforgettable moments outdoors.


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