To decorate a bedroom, there are many aspects to consider: style, colors, size … But what will really make a room stand out from another will be a good lighting design, which is precisely the aspect that is most often overlooked.

To achieve this, it is not enough to choose a nice ceiling lamp; you have to distribute several bulbs throughout the space, take into account the intensity of the bulb, the way they project light in the room…

Whatever the style of your home, here are some tips to create a good lighting design using the most modern and beautiful natural fiber bedroom lamps! Which one is your favorite…?

lámparas de dormitorio Yebra de fibra natural

Colorful and stylish bedroom lamps

It is not common to see natural fibers dyed; therefore, its effect is particularly groundbreaking. This is the case, for example, with the lampshade of the Porto bedroom lamp in pink, made of rattan and Japandi style.


Lampshade Nordic-Mediterranean style, made of natural rattan with pink paint finish.
Electrical instalation (cable and cap) not included. Can be combined with DOLPHIN screen support.
Not valid for outdoor use.
Size: Ø40×70 cm

49,00 without VAT

59.29€ ( incl. VAT )

This piece of colonial echoes combines wonderfully with maximalist rooms, which fearlessly bet on color, although if what you want is to make it the protagonist of the space, it is best to opt for a decor in neutral tones that make it stand out.

However, if you prefer bedroom lamps in green, an organic color that sweeps this season, you can opt for the Artisan rattan lampshade, basket type and Mediterranean style. And here’s an idea for its installation: why not place it lower than usual to illuminate a corner of the bedroom worth focusing on…?


Ceiling lampshade Mediterranean style.
Made of natural rattan.
Green powder paint finishing.
Electrical installation not included. Can be combined with DOLPHIN screen support.
Not valid for outdoor use
Measurements: Ø63×30 cm

64,00 without VAT

From 77.44€ ( incl. VAT )

The most trendy Nordic style with incandescent filament bedroom lamps

Vintage style incandescent bulbs have an irresistible je ne sais quoi, capable of bringing an intimate and romantic halo to any interior. For this reason, they are fantastic for lighting the bedroom, a space where pleasant and warm luminosity prevails.

lámparas de dormitorio cuerda de fibra natural

To do so, ally yourself with bedroom lamps like Normandy, Nordic style, made of natural rattan fiber. The dim light from the antique-style bulb will filter through its braiding, creating a seductive atmosphere.


Ceiling lamp Nordic style.
Lampshade made of natural rattan.
Socket E27. Max 40W.
Size: Ø60×20 cm | Cable length: 170 cm

32,00 without VAT

38.72€ ( incl. VAT )

It is also a good idea to combine this type of bulbs with the Tossy ceiling lamp, also in Nordic style and natural rattan. The result will be a cozy atmosphere thanks to a brightness full of nuances.


Tossy rattan lampshade, Nordic style.
Lampshade made of natural rattan.
Does not include electrical installation.
Measurements: Ø60×23 cm

55,00 without VAT

66.55€ ( incl. VAT )

Cannage-style bedroom lamps for a sophisticated touch

“Cannage” is the French word for “lattice”. It refers to a technique of braiding plant fibers (especially rattan) so that they form a recognizable pattern, like small octagons.

lámparas de dormitorio Oliver de fibra natural

We already know that, this season, cannage pieces are more fashionable than ever thanks to their warm and natural look, which blends perfectly with trendy interiors. They also seduce with their lightness and their ability to let light pass through in a delicate and subtle way, making them ideal to become bedroom lamps.

A perfect example? The Oliver ceiling lamp, which fits Mediterranean, Japanese or Nordic style interiors, with an elegant and minimalist tubular shape that adds sophistication to any room.


Ceiling lamp Mediterranean style.
Made of natural rattan grid. 
Can be combined with DOLPHIN screen support.
Socket E27. Max 40W.
Mini: Ø20×40 cm

82,00 without VAT

99.22€ ( incl. VAT )

Lighting in every corner with bedroom lamps for the nightstand

We’ll let you in on a secret: when it comes to lighting a room, there’s one rule that always works for interior designers. It is to combine the zenithal light, that is, the ceiling lamps, with other lighting sources distributed around the room, such as sconces and table lamps.

lámparas de dormitorio lámparas de mesa de fibra natural

In the case of bedrooms, bedside tables are an important focal point. Its luminosity serves us both to pick up and leave things on the table and to illuminate the room in a soft way, something basic when it comes to not wake us up… and to wake up in a pleasant way every morning.

This effect is enhanced if we choose a bedroom lamp made of vegetable fibers such as Yebra, made of natural rattan. Its brightness, full of texture, is a real feast for the eyes.



Table lamp made of natural rattan.
Size: Ø29xH41 cm | Cable length: 120 cm

22,00 without VAT

26.62€ ( incl. VAT )

An even more trendy idea? Hanging two bedroom lamps over each of the bedside tables, a look that you have surely seen in the interior designs of the best decorators. To copy it like a pro, go for simple lampshades, with filtered light, that do not overload the space and are never larger than the bedside table itself. They should be hung about half a meter from the surface of the table, and can be hung with a braided or colored cord for an even more artistic effect.

The Lizbin rattan lampshade can be perfect for this purpose thanks to its shape and dimensions, which ensure that you won’t trip over it. With a diameter of 45 centimeters and a cage-like structure to protect the bulb, this Nordic-style piece is great for contemporary settings..


Cage type lampshade made of natural rattan, for a Nordic style ceiling lamp.
Electrical installation not included. Can be combined with DOLPHIN screen support.
Not valid for outdoor use.
Measurements: Ø46×57 cm

44,00 without VAT

53.24€ ( incl. VAT )

Mediterranean style bedroom lamps, the latest trend in fashion

At the heart of the Mediterranean aesthetic is a sense of ‘handmade’ that encourages the unhurried nature of craftsmanship, imperfections and the authenticity of natural materials. It’s all part of the fashion style this season, which encourages us to live a leisurely life, focused on what is truly valuable.

lámparas de dormitorio Victoria de fibra natural

So this 2023, there are plenty of Mediterranean-style bedroom lamps to choose from. Some of our favorites? The Victoria Natural shade, made of braided rattan and ideal for bringing an organic touch to the ceiling of the room.


Rattan lampshade for ceiling lamp, vstyle.
Cable and lamp holder not included. Can be combined with DOLPHIN screen support.
Not valid for outdoor use.
Measurements: Ø63×38 cm

54,00 without VAT

65.34€ ( incl. VAT )

Also irresistible is the artistic Julius lampshade in the shape of flower petals, also made of natural rattan, best combined with a warm yellow bulb to enhance its charm!


Julius rattan lampshade, Mediterranean style.
Lampshade made of natural rattan.
Does not include socket or electrical wiring. Can be combined with DOLPHIN screen support.
Not valid for outdoor use.
Measurements: Ø59×19 cm

54,00 without VAT

65.34€ ( incl. VAT )

The Samoa rattan lampshade, finally, is also a very attractive option for those looking to achieve a discreet, romantic and natural look in their bedroom lamps thanks to its lovely and simple silhouette.



Samoa rattan lampshade for ceiling lamp, Mediterranean style.
Cable and lamp holder not included. Can be combined with DOLPHIN screen support.
Not valid for outdoor use.
Size: Ø100×40 cm

128,00 without VAT

154.88€ ( incl. VAT )

The most fashionable bedroom lamps of the season are made of natural fibers.

After this tour of the most popular bedroom lamps, it is clear that, when it comes to equipping this room, handcrafted pieces of organic shapes and natural fibers triumph. They bring a unique and very contemporary warmth to our home, while being timeless thanks to their natural materials and elegant silhouettes.

lámparas de dormitorio lámparas de mesa de fibra natural 2

The expert’s key? Choose the right type of light (better warm and dim, and if possible, adjustable) and get decorative wires and bulbs to enhance the beauty of the whole. In addition, it is essential to select several pieces that complement each other and distribute them throughout the space, making sure to spread the light in every corner and create an intimate and magical atmosphere that will ensure the sweetest dreams.


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