Summer is here and it’s the perfect time to add a fresh and vibrant touch to your deck! With sunny days and warm nights on the horizon, it’s time to unleash your creativity and transform that outdoor space into a spectacular summer oasis.

How can you decorate your terrace with aesthetics and taste?

From comfortable and colorful furniture to lush plants and charming decorative details, there are endless ideas for decorating your deck to make it the ideal place to relax and enjoy the summer. There are a variety of options to inspire you and help you create a spectacular terrace where you can spend hours enjoying the great weather and creating unforgettable memories. Get ready to welcome summer in style because we are going to give you 6 fantastic options to decorate your terrace and make it your favorite space.

banco para decorar una terraza con piscina

1. Decorate your terrace in a relaxed lounge style:

It is very fashionable the lounge space, and this is due to the modern and elegant style of its furniture, in addition to offering an incomparable experience of relaxation and comfort. Decorating your terrace with lounge furniture will be a success if you like the Boho essence.

Opt for a comfortable and spacious outdoor sofa, accompanied by armchairs and a coffee table. Choose durable materials such as synthetic rattan to resist weather conditions. Complete the environment with accessories, and place some decorative plants to give it a fresh and natural touch. This space will be perfect for relaxing and enjoying leisure time outdoors.


Mareluz upholstered sofa, Contemporary style.
Tubular steel frame with powder coated finish.
Beige textile upholstery. Filled with high density foam.
Legs with anti-scratch plastic caps.
Valid for outdoor use under roof.
Measurements: 197x75x60 cm | Seat height: 37 cm

549,00 without VAT

From 664.29€ ( incl. VAT )


‘Lounge’ chair nordic style with aluminium frame finished in imitation wood. With seat and backrest made in synthetic rattan.
Measurements: 59x73x80 cm | Seat height: 39 cm

229,00 without VAT

277.09€ ( incl. VAT )


Side table Rustic style. Made of solid teak wood.
Mini: Ø70×51 cm
Maxi: Ø110×40 cm

189,00319,00 without VAT

From 228.69€ ( incl. VAT )

In short, decorating your terrace in a relaxed lounge style will allow you to create a cozy and comfortable atmosphere where you can enjoy peace and fresh air. With the right furniture, soft lighting, natural elements and decorative details, you will transform your terrace into a true oasis of relaxation.

2. Outdoor dining:

If you love outdoor dining, consider decorating your terrace and creating an elegant dining room. Choose a table with character and comfortable chairs that match your preferred style, whether modern, Mediterranean or vintage. Ideally, opt for weather-resistant materials, such as synthetic fiber, aluminum or treated wood, that can withstand outdoor conditions. Also add an umbrella to protect you from the sun and place soft lighting for evening dinners. Experience memorable moments with family and friends while delighting in the cool breeze and the flavors of summer is a unique experience.


Kalak outdoor table, Bistrot style.
Kalak frame made of aluminum with bamboo imitation finish and synthetic rattan pith.
Dalson teak wood top.
– Ø70×75 cm
– Ø80×75 cm

241,00276,00 without VAT

From 291.61€ ( incl. VAT )


Marianela outdoor chair Bistro style.
Tubular aluminium frame with bamboo effect finishing.
Seat and backrest in synthetic rattan pith.
Suitable for outdoors. Stackable.
Measurements: 47x53x87 cm | Seat height: 45 cm

99,00 without VAT

From 119.79€ ( incl. VAT )



Manilex parasol made of steel with natural wood imitation finish.
10 fibreglass rods (6 mm). Adjustable in height.
Made with polyester fibre raffia strips. UV protection UPF50+.
Very easy to wash and disinfect.
Product for professional and domestic use.
Base not included.
Sizes: Ø200×261 cm | Tube cross-section: 29/32 mm


108,00 without VAT

130.68€ ( incl. VAT )

You have it, now you can enjoy good food and company during sunny days and starry nights with an outdoor dining area. Decorating the terrace and creating the space you imagined is possible.

3. Reading and resting corners:

If you love reading and want to find a quiet and cozy space to immerse yourself in your favorite books, decorating the terrace to have your reading corner is the ideal option. There are many options for this type of space, the most common is to opt for a comfortable armchair or sofa to which you can add cushions for comfort. Another option, for lovers of swinging, and a little more risky, is a hanging chair, its enveloping design, cozy and pleasant, may be what you were looking for to make the most of your reading.

Also place a small side table to keep your drinks and books within reach. In addition to a table or floor lamp to illuminate your night readings.


Thaoly wooden armchair with cushions, rustic style.
Solid tropical wood structure with natural finish.
Cushions included.
Not valid for outdoor use.
Measurements: 79x82x75 cm | Seat height: 45 cm

349,00 without VAT

422.29€ ( incl. VAT )


Table lamp made of natural rattan.
Size: Ø29xH41 cm | Cable length: 120 cm

29,00 without VAT

35.09€ ( incl. VAT )


Miranda metal chair, vintage style.
Folding steel frame with antique white paint finish.
Upholstered cushion included.
Not valid for professional use.
Measurements: 41x51x93 cm | Seat height: 47 cm

78,00 without VAT

94.38€ ( incl. VAT )

These corners are ideal for relaxing, enjoying a good book or simply disconnecting from the world.

4. Outdoor bar area:

For those who love outdoor gatherings and cocktails, setting up a bar area on your terrace is an excellent idea. You can decorate your terrace in the purest Tropical style, turning it into a perfect place to enjoy refreshing drinks and fun moments with friends and family.
You can recreate an outdoor bar by decorating the terrace with a high table with modern stools, along with a buffet or shelves to display your favorite drinks. But the protagonists, in this case, will be the decorative accessories, they will be your allies to decorate your terrace with the essence of Copacabana: garlands of lights, hanging plants, palm trees, wooden planks decorated with lettering, colorful or floral print tableware, and a display of decorations for your cocktails. You will have the festive and cozy atmosphere you like so much, with style and good taste.


High table, Industrial-Vintage style, made of aged tropical wood. Foldable legs.
Size:  175x60x110 cm

415,00 without VAT

502.15€ ( incl. VAT )


Clutter Confort bamboo and rattan high stool, Nordic style.
Structure made of natural bamboo with rattan details.
Textile upholstered cushion included.
Not suitable for outdoor use.
Brown: 50x50x100 cm | Seat height: 75 cm | Armrests: 89-97 cm | Thickness of cushion: 5 cm
Natural: 52x46x101 cm | Seat height: 75 cm | Armrests: 89-97 cm | Thickness of cushion: 5 cm

124,00 without VAT

From 150.04€ ( incl. VAT )


Miranda metal chair, vintage style.
Folding steel frame with antique white paint finish.
Upholstered cushion included.
Not valid for professional use.
Measurements: 41x51x93 cm | Seat height: 47 cm

78,00 without VAT

94.38€ ( incl. VAT )

Place a small cooler or beverage cooler to keep your refreshments cool and…enjoy your cocktails and gatherings in your own outdoor bar!

5. A vertical garden in the decoration of your terrace:

Do you like gardens, flowers, plants in general? To add a touch of freshness and natural beauty to the decoration of your terrace, a very good option is to incorporate a vertical garden, as it is an innovative and aesthetic way to introduce plants and vegetation in small spaces.

From aromatic plants, to decorative plants, and adding touches of color with seasonal flowers. The best place to place them, wooden boxes or shelves, always bearing in mind that they must be sheltered, because wood can suffer with seasonal changes, humidity and water.


Cart shelf industrial style. Steel frame with wheels, with a worn-out finishing and wooden acacia shelves with a saw cut finishing.
Size: 79x46x148 cm

349,00 without VAT

422.29€ ( incl. VAT )


Miranda metal chair, vintage style.
Folding steel frame with antique white paint finish.
Upholstered cushion included.
Not valid for professional use.
Measurements: 41x51x93 cm | Seat height: 47 cm

78,00 without VAT

94.38€ ( incl. VAT )

If you like greenery, but you are one of those who forget to water the garden, then we advise you to decorate your terrace choose synthetic plants. Currently, there is a huge variety, and they also have a very realistic appearance.


Decorative big size plant, ideal for fresh, Mediterranean style environments.
Size: 130 cm height

33,00 without VAT

39.93€ ( incl. VAT )


Decorative plant with tone variations to achieve a realistic look.
Size: 90 cm

7,00 without VAT

8.47€ ( incl. VAT )

In addition to providing a fresh and natural touch, the vertical garden also acts as a room divider and provides privacy. Combine different sizes, colors and textures of plants to create an interesting visual effect – a green and relaxing environment that will refresh your terrace!

6. Decorating a terrace with a swimming pool:

If you are lucky enough to have a pool on your terrace, you can create a space with elegant and comfortable loungers, as well as low armchairs that you can accompany with side tables to have your drinks and snacks nearby. Don’t forget to put umbrellas or awnings to protect you from the sun and place potted plants around it to give it a fresh and natural touch.

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Teaker wooden lounger, Mediterranean style.
Structure in solid teak wood with natural finish.
Reclining backrest with 6 positions.
Folding tray on both sides of the lounger.
Mattress with cushion upholstered in textile.
Product suitable for outdoor use.
Wheels with Ø17 cm rubber tires.
Handles on the headrest and feet.
Measurements: 205x65x41 cm | Tray: 28,5×30 cm


399,00 without VAT

482.79€ ( incl. VAT )


Cart shelf Industrial style. Steel frame with wheels and wear finishing. Shelves made or acacia wood with saw cut finishing.
Measurements: 110x46x89 cm

334,00 without VAT

404.14€ ( incl. VAT )

Relax, sunbathe and take a refreshing dip in your own poolside oasis!

The 6 ideas to decorate your terrace and its maintenance

6 options for decorating your deck this summer, 6 ideas to let your imagination do the rest, but it’s important to remember that proper maintenance of outdoor furniture under cover is essential to prolong its life and keep it looking pristine. Some key tips include regularly wiping furniture with a soft, damp cloth, avoiding the use of harsh chemicals, and drying it thoroughly after cleaning. In addition, specialists recommend storing furniture in a covered place during periods of heavy rain or extreme weather conditions. And for the sun’s rays, using protective covers can be an excellent option to protect furniture from both prolonged sun and dirt. With proper maintenance, your covered outdoor furniture will remain in good condition, extending its useful life for many years.

In short, you can create a dream space by decorating your terrace to make the most of the summer, since there is a wide range of options to design functional and aesthetically attractive corners. Let your imagination fly and start decorating your terrace to live an unforgettable summer!


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