Renovating your kitchen is an opportunity to reinvent one of the most important spaces in the home. Below, we explore four popular styles that can transform your kitchen into a unique and functional space. From Nordic with its emphasis on natural light, to rustic that celebrates the warmth of wood, to contemporary and industrial, each style has its own characteristics and charms. Discover how each can inspire your next renovation and make your kitchen a welcoming and stylish place.

Take note, the light will be the protagonist to reform your Nordic style kitchen.

In Nordic countries, the kitchen is the heart of the home, where daily life is concentrated. These kitchens are not just places to prepare food, but multifunctional spaces where families gather, converse and share special moments. The natural light, functional design and cozy atmosphere are distinctive features that promote social interaction. In these countries, long winter nights make the kitchen a warm and vital refuge. Home-cooked meals and the tradition of “fika” (coffee break) strengthen family and community ties, making the kitchen the epicenter of Nordic home life.

As we said, light is one of the crucial elements in the Nordic style, influencing both the aesthetics and functionality of the spaces. In Nordic countries, where winters are long and dark, maximizing natural light is essential. This is achieved through large windows, light colors on walls and furniture, and an open design that allows light to flow freely.

estilo nórdico para reformar tu cocina

When you decide to renovate your kitchen in the Nordic style, it is essential to focus on how to introduce and maximize light. In our next renovation, we plan to install larger windows to maximize natural light. In addition, we will use white and neutral tones in the cabinetry and countertops to reflect the light and create a sense of spaciousness.

Another key aspect of your kitchen renovation is the use of artificial lighting. We’ll opt for warm, strategically placed LED lights, such as under cabinets and in the ceiling, to ensure even and welcoming illumination. We will also incorporate shiny surfaces or even mirrors to amplify the available light.

In short, light is fundamental to the Nordic style and should be a priority in any kitchen renovation. With these changes, we will not only achieve a brighter and more functional kitchen, but also a space that radiates warmth and welcome at any time of the year.

estilo escandi para reformar tu cocina

To complete your kitchen renovation with an authentic Nordic style, it is essential to select the right furniture that reflects simplicity, functionality and natural beauty. An excellent choice for the table is the Solomon Table, made of wood and featuring a sturdy, clean design with natural finishes that bring out the warmth of the wood. Its simple aesthetic and straight lines fit perfectly with the Nordic style, providing a cozy and elegant focal point in your kitchen.


Wooden table Nordic Contemporary style.
Frame made of acacia wood palletry.
Solid mango wood beveled tabletop.

546,00633,00 without VAT

From 660.66€ ( incl. VAT )

To accompany the Solomon Table, you can consider several chair options that complement its design and functionality. The Ghost Chair is an exceptional choice. Made of wood, this chair combines modernity and tradition, offering a light and elegant look that does not visually overload the space. Its ergonomic design ensures comfort without sacrificing style.


Ghost wooden chair, Mid Century style.
Elbow chair, inspired by the original design of Hans J. Wegner.
Made of solid ash wood.
Seat made of polypropylene webbing of 3 cm.
Measurements: 55x50x80 cm | Steah height: 48 cm | Armrests: 70 cm
Product Made in EU –
Customizable from 6 units

169,00 without VAT

From 204.49€ ( incl. VAT )

Another equally attractive option is the Yanira Chair. This wooden chair features a more classic design with a contemporary touch, perfect for maintaining a balance between the traditional and the modern. Its smooth lines and sturdy structure ensure durability and comfort, making it an excellent companion for the table.


Yanira wooden chair, Mediterranean style.
Structure made of solid beech wood.
Seat and back in braided natural fiber.
Measurements: 48x56x86 cm | Seat height: 46 cm

149,00 without VAT

180.29€ ( incl. VAT )

By choosing furniture such as the Solomon Table and the Ghost or Yanira chairs, you will complete your kitchen renovation with an authentic and functional Nordic style, creating a cozy and harmonious space.

Wood will be the main material to renovate your rustic style kitchen.

Wood is the main material of the rustic style due to its warmth, durability and connection with nature. This material evokes a sense of authenticity and comfort, essential elements in a rustic design. In rustic style kitchens, wood takes a special role, from exposed beams and floors to furniture and countertops. Its texture and natural tones provide a cozy and homey atmosphere. In addition, aged or reclaimed wood adds a touch of history and character to the space, turning each kitchen into a unique, personalized retreat that celebrates the beauty of the natural.

estilo rural para reformar tu cocina

Rustic style is characterized by its connection to nature, the use of organic materials and a cozy, traditional aesthetic. This style focuses on simplicity and functionality, with an emphasis on durability and comfort. Distinctive elements include weathered wood, natural stone, sturdy materials and warm fabrics. Colors tend to be neutral and earthy, such as beige, brown, olive green and off-white.

To revamp your kitchen in a rustic style, start by incorporating natural materials. Use wood for cabinets, floors and ceilings with exposed beams for a warm and cozy feel. You can also include a natural stone countertop or a ceramic or marble sink to reinforce the rustic look.

Lighting is another crucial aspect. Opt for wrought iron lamps or vintage chandeliers that complement the setting. Add copper or brass fixtures for a touch of rustic elegance.

When renovating your kitchen, don’t forget to include decorative elements such as open shelving to display ceramic cookware or antique glassware. Textiles, such as linen curtains and woven rugs, also add warmth.

Finally, make sure all the elements are functional and comfortable. With these details, you can renovate your kitchen to reflect the charm and simplicity of the rustic style, creating a cozy space full of character, achieving a perfect balance between the traditional and the practical.

mesa de madera para reformar tu cocina

In the reform of this kitchen, we will include a central island, which will not only serve as an additional space to prepare food, but also as a meeting point for family and friends. To keep the rustic style, we will accompany the island with rustic style stools like the Rambla Wooden Stools. These stools, with their sturdy design and natural finish, perfectly complement the warm and cozy ambiance we want to achieve. The aged wood of the stools adds a touch of authenticity and character, aligning with the rustic aesthetic.


Rambla wooden stool, nordic style.
Made of solid tropical wood.
Not suitable for outdoor use.
This product is handmade, so it has the marks and irregularities typical of wear and tear caused by the passage of time.
Measurements: 44x34x76 cm

119,00129,00 without VAT

From 143.99€ ( incl. VAT )

In addition, to maximize storage space and maintain order, we will incorporate open shelving such as the Spectra Wood Shelf. This shelving not only provides ample space for storing kitchen utensils, jars and recipe books, but also allows for displaying decorative elements that add personality to the space. The wood shelving adds continuity to the use of natural materials in the kitchen, reinforcing the rustic style.


Wooden shelf Rustic style, made of recycled pinewood.
This piece of furniture is handcrafted with old wood and recycled wood, so it has the marks and irregularities of the wear and tear caused by the passage of time. The wood is treated against woodworm, but you can find old woodworm marks in this type of wood.
Not suitable for outdoors.
Size: 80x37x200 cm

419,00 without VAT

506.99€ ( incl. VAT )

When renovating your kitchen, integrating these elements-a center island with rustic stools and wooden shelves-will not only improve functionality, but transform your kitchen into an authentic and charming rustic space, perfect for enjoying special moments with family and friends.

sillas de madera para reformar tu cocina

Contemporary style to refurbish your kitchen with simple furniture shapes

The contemporary style has gained great popularity in kitchen design, standing out as a protagonist in modern renovations. People opt for this style because of its distinctive features: clean lines, smooth surfaces and a neutral color palette that provide a sense of spaciousness and order. The combination of innovative materials and minimalist finishes creates functional and aesthetically pleasing spaces. In addition, the contemporary style easily adapts to today’s needs, integrating advanced technology and efficient storage solutions. These qualities make it the preferred choice for those looking for an elegant, modern and practical kitchen.

estilo contemporaneo para reformar tu cocina

To renovate a kitchen with a contemporary style, it is essential to incorporate key features that define this modern and functional approach. Below, we list some of the key features and how to implement them:

  • Clean Lines and Simplicity: Contemporary style is characterized by straight lines and simple shapes. Use handleless cabinets and flat surfaces for a clean, uncluttered look.
  • Neutral Colors: Opt for a neutral color palette such as white, gray and black. These colors not only provide a sense of spaciousness, but also allow you to highlight specific details such as a kitchen island in a contrasting hue.
  • Modern Materials: Incorporate materials such as stainless steel, glass and quartz surfaces. For example, a white quartz countertop combined with stainless steel appliances can create a sophisticated, contemporary look.
  • Efficient Lighting: Lighting is crucial. Use recessed LED lights and under-cabinet strip lights for functional and aesthetically pleasing lighting. Pendant lights over the island can add a touch of elegance.
  • Open Design: An open kitchen design is fundamental to contemporary style. Eliminate unnecessary walls to create a seamless flow between the kitchen and living areas.
  • Smart Storage: Integrating smart storage solutions, such as pull-out drawers and internal organizers, maximizes space and keeps the kitchen clutter-free.

By remodeling your kitchen with these features, you can create a space that is not only aesthetically modern, but also highly functional. A practical example would be to design a kitchen with a center island, handle-less cabinets in a matte finish, a quartz countertop, and built-in stainless steel appliances. This approach ensures a contemporary kitchen that combines elegance and practicality.

detalles para reformar tu cocina

For a contemporary style, ceiling lamps play an essential role. For example, the Mine Metal and Wood Ceiling Light is perfect for this purpose. This lamp combines natural and modern elements, providing a warm, focal light that enhances any kitchen work or dining area. Its sleek, minimalist design integrates perfectly with contemporary interiors.


Ceiling lamp Nordic style.
Made of metal and wood.
Opal glass lampshade.
Socket E27. Max 40W.
Size: Ø18,5×35 cm
Product Made in EEC –

195,00 without VAT

From 235.95€ ( incl. VAT )

Another excellent choice is the Flak Gold Ceiling Light. Its gold finish adds a touch of sophistication and luxury, ideal for highlighting a kitchen island or dining room. The light it emits creates a welcoming and luminous ambiance, essential in a culinary space.


Ceiling lamp in cage style made of metal grid (mesh type).
Gold dust paint finishing.
Socket E27. Max 40W.
This ceiling lamp does not include lightbulb. 
Size: Ø54×34 cm

99,00 without VAT

119.79€ ( incl. VAT )

These lamps can be harmoniously combined with the Elisa Upholstered Chair, with its elegant design and soft upholstery, complementing and creating an aesthetic cohesion in the kitchen. Its refined style and comfort make it perfect for a dining room or kitchen island, where long meals can be enjoyed in a modern and well-lit environment.


Amets upholstered chair, contemporary style.
Tubular steel structure finished in black paint.
Seat and back upholstered in textile (wool bouclé).
Measurements: 54x63x74 cm | Seat height: 48 cm

99,00 without VAT

From 119.79€ ( incl. VAT )

By incorporating these lamps and chairs in your kitchen reform, you will achieve a contemporary space that is not only functional, but also elegant and cozy, highlighting the importance of good lighting in interior design.

estilo contemporaneo en la reforma de tu cocina

Metal and wood will be the main elements in your industrial kitchen renovation.

Industrial style has become a popular choice for your kitchen renovation, characterized by its robust and functional aesthetic. Inspired by factories and warehouses, this style uses materials such as metal, distressed wood and concrete, and features exposed structural elements such as pipes and beams. To incorporate industrial style into your kitchen, opt for simple-line cabinetry, metal pendant lighting and a neutral color palette with dark accents. This approach not only creates a sleek, modern space, but also adds a sense of spaciousness and industrial authenticity.

To achieve a kitchen renovation in the purest industrial style, it is crucial to incorporate a number of key elements that define this urban aesthetic. Starting with the cabinetry, opt for distressed wood or metal cabinets with industrial finishes, such as brushed steel or wrought iron. Black metal handles add a touch of contrast and elegance, while wall sconces, preferably metal, provide functional and stylish lighting.

estilo industrial para reformar tu cocina

To maximize storage space without sacrificing style, consider adding sideboards with metal grille doors. These not only provide a place to store your kitchen utensils, but also add an interesting decorative element characteristic of industrial style.

Also, don’t forget the details: black metal pendant lights over the island or dining table, industrial style stools with metal and wood finishes, and decorative elements such as large wall clocks and vintage posters. With these elements, you will transform your kitchen into an authentic industrial space full of character, perfect for those looking for a modern and urban design with a touch of industrial nostalgia.

When it comes to a kitchen reform with industrial style, furniture plays a key role in achieving the desired aesthetic. Stools are key elements that can enhance the design and functionality of the space.

taburetes e isla para reformar tu cocina

In this sense, the Clermont High Upholstered Stools offer a perfect combination of comfort and industrial style. Its elegant design with synthetic leather upholstery and black metal legs brings a touch of sophistication and modernity to the kitchen.


High stool Industrial style. Tubular steel frame with black powder paint finishing.
Seat upholstered in leather-like fabric.
Measurements: 44×47,5×79,5 cm

69,00 without VAT

83.49€ ( incl. VAT )

The Stoner Black Stools, on the other hand, feature a metal frame with a matte black finish and a wooden seat. This minimalist and robust design is ideal to complement an industrial style kitchen, adding a touch of elegance and contrast.


High stool Industrial style.
Tubular steel frame with powder paint finishing.
Wooden seat.
Adjustable height (63 to 77 cm)
Black color.
Base: 36×36 cm | Minimum height: 69 cm | Maximum height: 85 cm | Seat: Ø33 cm

93,00 without VAT

112.53€ ( incl. VAT )

In addition, Inkaspar Metal and Wood High Stools, with their combination of wood and metal, offer an authentic and sturdy industrial look. Their ergonomic and durable design makes them a practical and stylish choice for any industrial kitchen.


Inkaspar metal and wood high stool, Industrial style.
Tubular steel structure.
Painted finish.
Wooden seat.
Measurements: 37x37x73,5 cm | Seat: Ø32 cm

99,00 without VAT

From 119.79€ ( incl. VAT )

By choosing these stools for your kitchen renovation, you guarantee a perfect combination of functionality and style, creating an authentic and welcoming industrial atmosphere.

Mujer en su cocina reformada

When renovating your kitchen, it’s essential to carefully select elements to reflect the style you want. From cozy Nordic charm to rugged industrial authenticity, each style offers its own unique personality. Light, natural materials and functionality are key points in any renovation, but each style has its own distinctive characteristics. From the minimalist elegance of contemporary to the rustic warmth of wood, each choice helps create a space that reflects your tastes and needs. With the right furniture and details, you can transform your kitchen into a place that is not only functional, but also aesthetically appealing and full of character.


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